Women & Minority Owned Business Resources: Lesson 3

Sales Advantages

Valentina Gonzalez-Escobar, the founder of Beyond Engagement, will be covering three topics that can leverage your brand for sales.


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Video Lesson Topics

- Why

What is your only “I” story? Is it your background, heritage, or education? You can ask friends or family members to help you find what is most commonly mentioned about you and sticks with you. This will become your elevator pitch and will allow you to stand out.

- Content

Try writing 35 headlines for what you want to be known for. Once you have written all these, you will be able to narrow it down to what exactly you want to be known for. 

- Bio

Make sure to get your bio correct across all social media platforms. Businesses need to dig into their bio to include what they are involved in and what makes them stand out. 

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Sales Advantages


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