Starting a Business: Lesson 9

B Corp Certification

Kevin Christopher with Rockridge Venture Law explains the differences between a benefit corporation and B Corp certification, and the advantages of each.


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Video Lesson Topics

- What is a Benefit Corporation?

A Benefit corporation is a relatively new type of legal structure designed to protect mission-oriented entrepreneurs. A benefit corporation allows the management of a company to take into account all the shareholders (the employees, the environment, and the community).

-What Does B Corp Certification Mean?

A B Corp certification is a business certification by an independent third party that states the company is operates on the principles of the triple bottom line.

-Advantages of B Corp Certification

 The B corp certification is a way to demonstrate that the firm not only cares about profit, but also the long-term goals and growth of the firm. It is like a certified trust mark for a business. The B corp certification mark has grown exponentially in the past years, with over four-thousand certified companies around the world. 

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The Planning Process and Planning Tools


Setting Goals


Legal Structure


What It Takes to Be Successful


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Partnership and Operating Agreements


B Corp Certification


Is Starting a Business Right for You?


Analyzing Your Personal Finances Before Starting A Business


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