Writing a Business Plan: Lesson 2

Business Plan Format/Templates

NaShawn Branch, DBA, Executive Director of the Tennessee Small Business Development Center at Southwest Tennessee Community College, will be discussing how to build a sound business plan that is comprehensive and attractive to lenders. 


Video Lesson Topics

- Where to Begin When Creating a Business Plan

Planning is the map to success in the business world. A business plan should begin with one of these three options. 

1. Buying  a Business 

2. Financing or Refinancing a Business

3. Raising Debt in Equity Capital


- Snapshot of a Business Plan

A snapshot of a business plan includes an Executive Summary, Business Executives, Managers and Employees, Operations, Locations, Marketing, Are you Buying a Business or Buying a Franchise, Loan Requests, Financials, Personal Finance Statements, Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Cash Flow and Ratios. 

-Why Writing a Business Plan is Important

Writing a business plan will allow you to answer lenders’ questions with a gained, in depth, knowledge about your business. This will also clarify what will be involved in making your business successful. The TSDBC network can help with this process either with a scheduled appointment or by finding a copy of the business plan workbook at www.tsdbc.org.

Topics & Lessons

Each Below Topic Contains a Video Lesson and Helpful Downloadable Information


Why Write a Business Plan?


Business Plan Format/Templates


How To Develop a Business Plan


Marketing For Your Business Plan


Financial Projections for Your Business Plan


Writing A Business Plan For Your Existing Business


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