Running a Business: Lesson 9

Delivering Your Product/Service to Your Client

Kate Nicewicz, the Director of Graduate Programs for Tennessee Tech: College of Business, discusses delivering products and services to customers, while creating a positive customer experience.


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Video Lesson Topics

- Why is it Important?

Customer-centered Marketing aims to deliver a valuable customer experience while also keeping your employees engaged with your company’s mission. Research shows that companies that align these two goals have the potential to increase revenue by approximately 70% in three years significantly. The key takeaway is that the customer experience and company culture are directly related to your company’s success.

- Core Values

You want to ensure that your company has core values and a mission statement that customers and employees can experience. And you want to be sure that you’re consistently implementing those values and that mission. Your values and mission should be clear and specific; you should express commitments and expectations for your team and talk about them often. Additionally, you should be thinking about how you can improve your company’s mission and values. 

- Feelings of Both Customers and Employees

You want to know how your ideal customer feels after a transaction, which is best determined by asking your customers how they want to feel. Feelings and emotion drive actions, and actions from your customers can be brand loyalty and positive word of mouth. Empowering your employees to serve customers to the best of their ability, will allow them to feel confident and provide an added value to the customer, that will help to facilitate those positive feelings and emotions during a transaction. 

You want to also decide how you want your employees to feel. Are they fulfilled when they come to work, are they motivated to provide a great customer experience, do they feel rewarded from raises, promotions , and acknowledgements? 

- Best Practices

  •  You want to make sure you are always meeting customer expectations, by understanding what they want emotionally and logically. Emotion drives a customer’s decision and logic backs it up. 
  • Understand how the customer wants their product delivered to them. Do they expect it to be delivered online, through the mail, or only be able to purchase through a brick and mortar store. 
  • Why do your customers expect the products and services that you provide? This will allow you to anticipate what they want and how they want it.

- Employee Satisfaction

It is important to realize that employee satisfaction leads to customer satisfaction, which eventually leads to increased performance and revenue for your firm. Employees need to be motivated and advocate for their customers. Make sure that your employees know your mission, values and expectations. Be aware of what your employees will want in the future, to continue providing your customers with the best experience possible. 

Think about your employees as your internal customers, by putting yourself in their shoes. Improving communication with your employees, empowers them and makes them feel like they have a real input in the organizational operations of your company. Create a supportive environment that also acknowledges those employees that are doing well. 

- Needs of Customers

Offer your customers things that they don’t know that they need yet. Examples would be Smartphones and Amazon Prime delivery. Leverage your employee’s insights to determine what they need and your customers. Ask yourself and your employees, what type of resources do your employees and customers need. Find these answers then budget to find the resources to meet these needs. 

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Delivering Your Product/Service to Your Client


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