Exporting: Lesson 3

Export Readiness

Laura Overstreet, director of the Small Business Development Center at Pellissippi State Community College, discusses export readiness.


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Video Lesson Topics

- Successful Exporting

How do you know if your business is ready to take the next step and start exporting? Successful exporting requires a broad consensus in the long-term commitment among crucial management on company goals, objectives, capabilities, and constraints, as well as time. Many businesses must then develop a solid export plan and modify products and services for different markets.

Businesses that have been successful in the export market:

  • Commit to ownership and are prepared to fund exporting activities.
  • Understand the added demands international businesses can place on resources.
  • Have realistic expectations regarding return on investments from international activities.
  • Are prepared to modify products and services by market and provide training and after-sales service.
  • Have an awareness of US government export promotion and Compliance Resources.

-Assessments and Resources

Ready to take the next step? Take the export readiness test available on TSBDC’s International Trade Center’s website, and try the export assessment to determine your company’s current level of export readiness. The next step is to develop an export business plan. Once the results are received from the export assessment test, an SBDC counselor will review and discuss the assessments.

Additional resources can be found at export.gov, the US federal government’s export portal. In addition, the SBA has three different international trade and export-oriented loan guarantee programs.

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Why Export?


Benefits and Risks


Export Readiness


Export Market Plan


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