Intellectual Property: Lesson 1

Intellectual Property Rights

Kevin Christopher, an attorney at Rockridge Law, talks about intellectual property.


Video Lesson Topics

- Copyright

Copyright protects creative works, such as branding, logos, art, and songs. 

- Trademark

Trademarks protect the visceral elements of a brand. Examples of this include:

  • The fonts around Coca-Cola.
  • The swoosh in the Nike logo.
  • Sometimes, even ringtones.

Essentially, it’s an aspect that a consumer sees, hears, or experiences

- Patent

A patent applies to functional things, such as widgets, engineering tools, and the designs of a sold product. There are two types of patents, design patents, and utility patents. Design patents cover how an item looks, while utility patents protect the mechanics of an item.

- Trade Secrets

Trade Secret is often the most misunderstood aspect of intellectual property. Trade secrets can be something, such as a recipe, customer data, or another monetizable aspect of your business that is not necessarily protected by copywrite or law but still protected nonetheless.

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Intellectual Property Rights






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