Starting a Business: Lesson 7

IT Disaster Recovery for Natural Events

Deb Zsigalov, the Chief Information Security Officer at MTSU, will be going over disaster recovery plans and their role in cybersecurity. 


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Video Lesson Topics

- Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery Plans are a key component of good cybersecurity and resilience. This plan should document and outline every critical business system and application that your company relies on. It is critical to provide as much detail to this plan as possible in order to give the system administrator all the info to rebuild the technical infrastructure, in the case of a disaster. 

- Tips for Your Disaster Recovery Plan

  • The plan should be both printed and in an electronic encrypted copy.
  • It is important to get the business input on the recovery plan. 
  • The plan should have step-by-step and in what order the business systems will be recovered to ensure your business is back up and operational. 
  • Practice the plan and make sure the back-ups are actually in place. 
  • Create and run through table top exercises. 
  • When testing the plan, weaknesses can be found and corrected. 
  • Technology will change just like the disaster recovery plan should, along with regular updates. 

Topics & Lessons

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What is Cybersecurity?


Disaster Recovery Plan


Insurance for Your Business


Preparing for a Cyber Incident


Training & Awareness to Prevent Your Employees from Being Victims


Incident Response from an IT Perspective


IT Disaster Recovery for Natural Events


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