Running A Business: Lesson 1

Leadership vs Management

Lorneth Peters, Ed.D., from TSBDC Clarksville breaks down the differences between a leader and a manager. 


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Video Lesson Topics

- Defining Leadership

Leadership is when leaders direct energy towards influencing and creating visions for others. Leadership can be seen as guiding those in the front lines of work into transforming these visions into reality through motivation, appreciation, and incorporating rewards for successful work.

- What Makes a Great Leader

Recent studies show that 30% of what leaders have is genetic and the rest can be developed, thus allowing anyone to become a leader.

- Defining Management

Management is about introducing and maintaining structure in an organization to establish order. Managers are typically very aware of changes in income, as well as customer complaints and concerns. Managers are expected to stay updated with everything that goes on within a business day to day.

- Leadership Styles and Personality

Everyone approaches leadership and management in different ways due to their own personal beliefs and backgrounds.

  • The Authoritarian Personality Style- This style requires all business decisions to first be approved by them. Although this style can be needed at certain times, it is not always the best approach.
  • The Democratic Personality Style- This style focuses more on the team efforts rather than individual. With this style, all business decisions and actions are made with the employee’s comfortability in mind, however more time is needed in order to fully receive everyone’s feedback and opinions.
  • The Laissez-Faire Leadership Style- They take a hands-off approach that puts trust in the employees with business decisions. With this style, employees receive less direction, thus causes a decrease in productivity at times.
  • The Transformational Leadership Style- This style focuses on inspiring positive change in those who follow. These types of leaders are often energetic, passionate, enthusiastic and focus on every member of the group.

- Difference Between Leadership and Management

Leadership is always about working on your business from the outside, while management is focused on working within. Leaders are the visionaries who think long-term, while managers are more focused on objectives and goals while executing business strategies.

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Leadership vs Management


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