E-Commerce: Lesson 2

Selling on Social Media

Founder of Beyond Engagement, Valentina Escobar Gonzalez, discusses selling on social media. 


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Video Lesson Topics

- Growing Your Social Media

Here are several tips for how to grow your social media accounts:

  • Engagement- Take the time out of your day to engage with content on your social media accounts; like and comment on others’ posts. In order to sell on social media, you have to interact with others. 
  • Scheduling Posts- It is a good idea to have a third party app to keep your posts scheduled and consistent. This especially helps if you are busy or if something has come up. 
  • Turning on Alerts- You should turn on alerts for when certain social media accounts post, so you can instantly like and engage with their content. Every social media platform has an option for post notifications. 

- Persuasion Tips

There are many things that you can do to persuade your audience to buy your products. Below are some tips:

  • “Because”-You should add an automatic compliance trigger word to your social media; this word is “because.” This is extremely important due to the fact that you can say, “Because we thought this information was relevant to you…” and add whatever describes your business or products. 
  • Compliment Labels- Compliment labels are a great way to flatter your customers. An example of this is emailing your customers and saying, “Since you are one of our best customers…” or “Since you are an expert in the field…”
  • Aversions- An aversion is when you create urgency by telling your customers, “__ time before the sale ends!” or that an item is almost sold out. 
  • Eye Magnet Words- Eye magnet words are words such as “new,” “free,” or “secret”. 

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Selling on Social Media


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