Marketing, Online Marketing, & Social Media: Lesson 1

How to Talk to Your Customer – What are my Options?

Lucy Matthews teaches you the correct way to talk to your customers. 


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Video Lesson Topics

- Preparation

You should always go into a meeting with a customer well prepared. Begin by doing research ahead of time; look them up on LinkedIn and a general Google search. You may find their involvement in community organizations, their current or past job, and their hobbies. This will give you a plan of different discussion topics. Read their body language to determine if they want to keep conversation personal or talk strictly business. 

- Do Business on the Customer's Terms

Ensure that you are doing business on the customer’s terms. Ask them what contact method they prefer, and contact them using this method. Make every effort to put the needs of the customer first; they will notice this. Find out what is important to the customer and why they decided to come to you in the first place. Once you are in a meeting with the customer, call them by their name. Your goal should be to make the customer feel special. 

- Recommended Resources

  • The Go-Giver– This book goes into heavy detail about making your customer feel like a priority. 
  • Kevin Brown- Mr. Brown is a speaker that talks about the hero effect. 

Topics & Lessons

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How to Talk to Your Customer – What are my Options?


How to Tell Your Business’s Story


What do Your Customers Need?


4 Cs of Marketing


Market Research and Segmentation


Is my Marketing Working?


Hiring Digital Marketing Professionals


Social Media Management Platforms


Designing Your Own Website




Developing an Online Marketing Strategy


Responding to Online Customer Feedback


Resources for Website and Social Media


Social Media


Measuring and Understanding Analytics


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