disaster recovery & cybersecurity: Lesson 5

Training & Awareness to Prevent Your Employees from Being Victims

Deb Zsigalov, the Chief Information Security Officer at MTSU, will be discussing security awareness training for your employees. 


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Video Lesson Topics

- Employee's Role

Employees are a business’ greatest asset which makes them the greatest target, as well. For our organizations they can be our first and best line of defense, or they can be our weakest link. 

- Phish Attacks

90% of breaches occur through a phish attack. This is why it is so important to train your employees on social engineering, phishing, and the red flags. When seeing red flags: Stop, look and think.  Some red flags are unknown sender, urgent sound to the email, grammatical errors, and typos. If any of these red flags are seen, employees need to report this to the security team or IT.

Topics & Lessons

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What is Cybersecurity?


Disaster Recovery Plan


Insurance for Your Business


Preparing for a Cyber Incident


Training & Awareness to Prevent Your Employees from Being Victims


Incident Response from an IT Perspective


IT Disaster Recovery for Natural Events


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