Disaster recovery & cybersecurity: Lesson 4

Preparing for a Cyber Incident

Deb Zsigalov, the Chief Information Security Officer at MTSU, will be discussing how you can prepare your businnes for a cyber incident. 


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Video Lesson Topics

- Preventative Measures

  •  Good Backups Off Site: The infrastructure in business systems is critical and have to be backed up. They are your primary source of recovery when an incident occurs. 
  • Endpoint Protection: This is usually software that is installed on your servers, workstation, and any infrastructure that your organization uses to conduct business. 
  • Incident Response Plan: This will be a detailed playbook broken down into steps that will enable your team to identify all the steps they should take in case an incident occurs. This plan will also serve as a reference book for when incidents do occur. The plan should include vendors and steps that will help mitigate the effects of an incident including the who, what, when, and where. 

- Training Once You Have Made a Plan

It is essential to train your team before an incident is actually occurring. Training will allow the team to test, improve and fail with the created incident response plan. Failing during the testing phase of the plan enables the team to find what doesn’t work and what needs to be improved. Make sure everyone involved in your plan knows their part because an organized plan is key to success. 

Topics & Lessons

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What is Cybersecurity?


Disaster Recovery Plan


Insurance for Your Business


Preparing for a Cyber Incident


Training & Awareness to Prevent Your Employees from Being Victims


Incident Response from an IT Perspective


IT Disaster Recovery for Natural Events


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