Marketing, Online Marketing, & Social Media: Lesson 4

4 Cs of Marketing

Kate Nicewicz goes into detail about the four Cs of marketing. 


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Video Lesson Topics

- The 4 Ps vs. The 4 Cs

Historically, the traditional marketing method was the 4 Ps, but it has been modernized into the 4 Cs. 

  1. Product became Consumers
  2. Price became Costs
  3. Placement became Convenience 
  4. Promotion became Communication

- Consumers

Instead of focusing on the products you are selling to customers, focus on on how your product meets a customer’s need. Your marketing should reflect the customer benefits that the product offers, rather than providing standard information about the product. This type of marketing requires extensive research into your customer demographic. 

- Cost

Instead of thinking about the price you are going to charge for a product, you should think about what the comprehensive costs are to your consumer. Consider things such as their time, their available resources, and whether or not your customers agree that the cost is worth the value of the product. For a small business, this principal should go beyond calculating a profit margin and should consider what the customer is willing to pay for your product in particular. This concept addresses the consumer dilemma between limited funds and unlimited wants. 

- Convenience

Instead of restricting product placement to locations that are convenient from a firm standpoint, products should be provided to consumers in a manner that is convenient to them. This means meeting needs with regard to when, where, and how customers want to purchase your products. 

- Communication

Instead of “push selling” to your customers, talk with your customers in a manner that allows for value co-creation. This will make your customers feel valued, and allows them to provide feedback that you can use to better your business. 

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