Marketing, Online Marketing, & Social Media: Lesson 9

Designing Your Own Website

Founder of Epic Nine Marketing, Jeremy LaDuke, discusses designing your website. 


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Video Lesson Topics

- The Importance of Your Website

Your website is one of the cornerstone elements of your marketing. Most of your consumers will visit your website at some point in their buying process; all of your marketing efforts should lead to your website. 

- Website Requirements

Your website needs to convert potential customers into paying customers. In order to do this, it must do two things well:

  • Connect with Your Target Audience on an Emotional Level- No matter who your target audience is, their choice to buy from you is an emotional decision. The aesthetic and messaging of your website should speak to your ideal customer; tell them your brand story. Studies have shown that people determine whether or not they will purchase a product or service within a few seconds of visiting a site. Although some people have great vision for design, some people do not. If you are someone who is not particularly gifted in design, get advice from friends or someone on your team while designing your website. There are several resources online for low to zero cost that you can use to create the design. Squarespace and Wix are some of the easiest to use, but you will be limited with their functionality and customizability. Other platforms such as WordPress and Shopify offer a great deal of flexibility and customization, but require a much steeper learning curve. 
  • It Needs to Guide Your Customer to Take the Next Step- If you are a home service business, putting your phone number where customers can easily reach you is extremely important. If you are a hair stylist, having a “Book Online” option could be key. Make whatever step you want your customer to take very obvious on your site. 

Topics & Lessons

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