Marketing, Online Marketing, & Social Media: Lesson 8

Social Media Management Platforms

Social media consultant and operations manager, Stacey Tadlock, teaches you what social media management platforms are, and why you need them. 


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Video Lesson Topics

- What Are Social Media Management Platforms?

Social media management tools are applications that make life easier for the social media manager and business owner. Management platforms help you schedule, monitor, and analyze your social media campaigns. 

- Management Tools

The three most popular social media management tools are:

  • Facebook Business Suite- This provides access to design and scheduled post for Facebook and Instagram. It also allows you to view insights and create ads. It is ideal to use as your management platform if Facebook and Instagram are your only socials and if you are only managing one business page per platform. Facebook Business Suite is free. 
  • Hootsuite- Hootsuite is a social media manager’s dashboard. It allows you to integrate many platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. You can create, schedule, publish, and manage all of your social content across many networks from a single dashboard. You can also see all of your insights from this dashboard. With Hootsuite, you can assign teams of your staff to manage certain aspects of your social accounts. It is a paid service, beginning at $49.99 per month. 
  • Sprout Social- In form and function, Sprout Social is very similar to Hootsuite. Within Sprout Social, you have the ability to manage all of your social profiles from a single platform. It provides in-depth analytics to understand your brand’s performance. Sprout Social stands out because of their excellent customer service. It is a paid service, starting at $89 per month. 

- How to Choose

Choosing which social media management platform you should use depends on your needs. Determine needs such as the amount of platforms you use, amount of business pages you have, and if you need to delegate tasks to your staff. Take these needs and your budget into consideration, and choose where to begin. A great aspect is that most social media tools will allow a free trial, so you can try it out before committing to a pricing plan. 

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