VeteranS & RURAL: Lesson 2

Hiring Veterans

Daniel Moore, the Director of the Clarksville Region of Operation Stand Down Tennessee, will be discussing why businesses should hire veterans. 


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Video Lesson Topics

- Labor Shortage

During this pandemic there has been a lower labor force participation rate resulting in labor shortages for businesses. The 200,000 service members that transition from the military each year can be a great resource in this challenging environment. According to the VA and studies they have conducted in 2018/2017, 75% of veterans and military members that have separated are under the age of 45/34. This goes to show that the preconceived notion that most veterans are the older Vietnam aged veterans is actually not true. 

- Why Hire Veterans Specifically

Veterans are attractive candidates for your business because of their inherent skills that they learn during their military service such as professionalism, teamwork/collaboration, critical thinking/problem solving, and ethics and social responsibility. Veterans also learn many transferable skills, discipline, leadership/management skills,  adaptability, and high levels of resiliency. Veterans have learned to walk with all walks of life and are familiar with diverse work environments. 


Many employers think that veterans have PTSD when in actuality only 11-20% of veterans that were deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan have PTSD in a given year. Veterans also have great resources like the VA to help learn how to cope and mitigate with post stressors of military life. 

- What Can Businesses Do To Hire More Veterans

  •   Form a military infinity group.
  •   Waive degree requirement for veterans that have relevant experience.
  •   Veterans may have GI Bill benefits that can help cover the costs of technical training. 
  •   Reach out to transition assistance programs on military installations, the TSBDC, or organizations that help veterans with employment. 

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Hiring Veterans


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