Marketing, Online Marketing, & Social Media:Lesson 6

Is my Marketing Working?

Managing director of a marketing firm, Kelly Allen, teaches you how to measure your marketing efforts. 


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Video Lesson Topics

- Ways to Measure Your Marketing Success

  • Coupons/Discount Codes- If you have a physical store location, and someone brings in a coupon, then you know they were reached by that coupon. If you have an online store, offer different codes for different social media platforms. For example, make the facebook code “save15” and the instagram code “15off”.  This will tell you which platform to spend the majority of your advertising money on. 
  • “Two Different Categories”- Your website, the sign out front of your store, and social media channels are foundational. It can be difficult to calculate how many people are seeing your sign or visiting your website, and are making purchases because of them. Think of the campaigns you are running versus those foundational pieces. You have to keep your electricity on so when people drive past your store, it looks warm and inviting; think of your website and social media in this same way. Not every piece of everything is measurable, but you have to have the lights on when people are looking. 
  • QR Codes- QR codes were thought to be going out of style, but with Covid, there has been a huge increase in their popularity. Using a specific code helps track how many people used it. 
  • Landing Page- A landing page is a page you include on your website to track how many people visit that specific page. Although they are a great way to track traffic, there are a few disadvantages to them. Making their URL too long will cause customers to not visit them. 
  • B to B- B to B stands for business-to-business campaigns. These are not as easy to track as running a promotion. A lot of people in the B to B space use more traditional marketing methods (magazines, mail, brochures). There are still some ways to measure these. You can still use a QR code, landing page, and Leadfeeder. Leadfeeder gives you the opportunity to view which companies are visiting your website.  Due to legal reasons, you must say on your website that you are tracking cookies if you decide to use an application like Leadfeeder. 
  • LinkedIn Pixel- You can use your LinkedIn Pixel to track actions taken from your ad. 

- Ad Tracking

With marketing campaigns, the most powerful thing that you can do is ad tracking. You need to know if the money you invested into your ad was worth the outcome you received. This will tell you if you should put more money into these ads, or redirect your money to a different platform. Asking people who visit your store “How did you hear about us?” is also very helpful. 

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