Hiring & Managing Staff: Lesson 10

When the Employment Relationship Ends

Greg Bostick, Small Business Specialist with the TSBDC at Pellissippi State Community College, will be discussing when the employment relationship ends. 


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Video Lesson Topics

- Employer's Fault

An employee may turn their two week notice in because of something you as the employer did or did not do. Some of those things include not providing enough professional development or opportunity, a bad fit,  or the employee is so talented that other companies recruited them.

- Employee's Fault

Sometimes the employment will end due to the employee’s side, also called involuntary separation. Some of these reason include incompetence, an employee is involved in illegal activities, or an employee is insubordinate. When this conversation happens it will be difficult, but remember to follow the guidelines set out by the HR policies. It is also important to be well documented during the conversation. In this situation, you did not fire the employee, the employee fired themselves. During this conversation be firm in a compassionate professional manner. 

- Nobody's Fault

Sometimes there are factors outside of the employer and employee that contribute to the employment relationship ending. Some of these situations include the company being purchased and you as the employee are not part of the new plan, technologies that come and replace roles, and in recent years a pandemic can alter this relationship. These examples show that it can be no one’s fault but circumstance. 

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When the Employment Relationship Ends


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