Marketing, Online Marketing, & Social Media: Lesson 15

Measuring and Understanding Analytics

Stacey Tadlock, the Social Media Consultant and Operations Manager for the TSBDC at MTSU as well as our State Service Network Social Media Manager, will be covering the essential process of tracking and measuring your social media analytics. 


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Video Lesson Topics

- A Successful Social Media Campaign

Social media campaign success is not only measured in the engagement you can see, but also the engagement you can’t see. The amount of likes, shares, and comments on your social media page do not define the success of your campaign. Likes do not decide if your business social media marketing is successful, but rather look at your backend insights and analytics to measure the success of the campaign. 

- What are Analytics

Analytics are the set of metrics used to gauge performance on a social media campaign. Do not spend too much time focusing on the reactions on your post, instead focus on what your analytics are telling you. The analytics will tell you the reach, the engagement rate, what the impression data shows, and the amount of actions taken on your page. 

- Social Media Management Tools

  •  Actions on a page: this is the numbers of clicks your business contact information and call to action button is pressed by a viewer on social media. 
  • Engagement: this is the total number of times someone interacted or engaged with a post. 
  • Engagement Rate: the number of engagements divided by the number of impressions. 
  • Page Likes and Followers: the number of people who actively sign up to follow your page. 
  • Impressions: this is the number of users who saw the post.
  • Page Previews: the number of times people hovered over your page name or profile to preview your content.
  • Page Views: the number of times your profile page has been viewed. 
  • Post Clicks: this is any click on the entire post.
  • Post Reach: the number of people who had any post from your page on their screen. This is one of the most important analytics.

- How Should You Use the Analytics

Analytics should be used to monitor engagement both in short term and over time. The data can also be used to analyze against your own historical data and that of other organizations in your area in order to gauge success. Test your content, through different offers or social media platforms, to make sure you are getting the best possible results. Lastly, you can also test images, text only posts, calls to action, and links. Using all of these tests and analytic date, your business can know what type of post your customers are receptive to. 

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Measuring and Understanding Analytics


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