VeteranS & RURAL: Lesson 5


Area specialist Roe Hughes discusses the REDLG  (Rural Economic Development Loan and Grant) Program. 


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Video Lesson Topics

- Loan Financing Details

This program provides an opportunity for a business to apply for a 10 year loan for 0% financing through a local utility. 

- Loan Competitiveness

The REDLG program is very competitive. The loan money isn’t always immediately there, meaning that the application must go through their national office competition. Applications are looked at and evaluated on a quarterly basis, if yours is not approved after four quarters, your application is withdrawed and you must look elsewhere for a loan. 

- Loan Purpose

The purpose of the REDLG program is to provide financing to business that will provide rural jobs and rural development. This is the driving factor in how the the applicants are deemed eligible and is highly considered in the scoring of each application

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VetBiz Certification / VOSB


Hiring Veterans


USDA REAP (Rural Energy for America Program)


USDA B&I Loans




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